Frik, pedant, schoolvos
    22.02 — 19.04.19


    The first issue of ’t Verzetje offers us some perspectives on (higher) art education. In Frik, pedant, schoolvos a number of essays, text fragments and images are collected into a particular approach to various aspects of teaching and the teaching profession. Looking back over the editing process, we could put it this way: what better place to start than ourselves, our singular view of teaching, the insights into teaching developed by each of us art teachers over the years?

    The contributions in the first issue start from the specific experiences, views and preferences of the members of the editorial team. Among other things, Frik, pedant, schoolvos tackles the notion of “transference”, focuses on the neoliberal impact of decree-determined “reforms” of part-time art education, traces the “taboos around the teaching profession”, reflects on theory, practice and research, and probes the unforeseeable margins of what “teaching” actually is.

    In addition to the contributions of the members of the editorial team, we have included pieces by Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Ferdinand Bordewijk, Stefan Hertmans, Robert Walser, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jacques Lacan, Dirk Lauwaert, Willy Roggeman, Georges Bataille, and others.

    Frik, pedant, schoolvos is the first issue of the newly born periodical 't Verzetje.